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Working on existence from the essence.

Connect, give meaning, think in possibilities, imagine the future, work together, live in love.

We spend an important part of our lives in organizations. We work with other people to achieve something great.

To create more value together than each of us could create for ourselves; social value, economic value, for ourselves and for society. People are valuable, and good organization connects people and their value to achieve something that transcends us.

As a person and as an organization, we are naturally driven to develop and innovate. Man is looking for connection. Wondering who he or she is. Together we feel the energy of renewal. Together we shape the future.

People form organizations, and organizations form people. Understanding how organizations work and how you contribute to this gives you the opportunity to steer. To shape your ambitions, desires and dreams.

Yet organizational change and development are not always popular: "We don't want to be changed. We want to change together."

We work with people to improve the organization. By improving people and their collaboration. By shaping leadership. By putting management back into their role.

We are Marie-José Verbeeten and René de Baaij. Together with our partners, we support you in the development of leadership, management and organization.

Together we work from your essence, work on your existence, as a person, as a team, as an organization. Every day a new beginning. Every step is one. Every movement the beginning of more.

We work across the boundaries of specialisms and sub-areas to realize an integrated approach. An approach in which a great involvement of management and employees is self-evident.





De Baaij, Verbeeten & Partners BV
Jonkershof 16
6561 AL Groesbeek
The Netherlands

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