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Working on your existence from the essence.

Connect, give meaning, think in possibilities, imagine the future, work together, live in love.
We spend an important part of our lives in organizations. We work with other people to achieve something great. To create more value together than each of us could create for ourselves; social value, economic value, for ourselves and for society.
People are valuable, and a good organization connects people and their value to achieve something that transcends ourselves. As people and as an organization, we are naturally driven to develop and innovate. Individually and in connection. People wonder who are we, who am I?
People shape organizations, and organizations shape people. Understanding how organizations work and how you contribute to this gives you the opportunity to steer. To shape your ambitions, desires and dreams.
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We are Marie-José Verbeeten and René de Baaij. Together with our partners, we support you in the development of leadership, management and organization. Together we work from your essence on your existence, as a person, as a team, as an organization.
In these unexpected and unpredictable times we look for guidance in who we are and what the meaning is of our actions and cooperation.

Good leaders feel that need and give meaning to current developments and their effect on us as individuals. Leadership starts with being self-aware and making self-conscious choices.

If you know who you are, you can teach others to know themselves. To shape the future together.
As professionals, managers, directors and administrators, we always provide guidance. We steer with images, words, thoughts and actions.

Solicited or unsolicited, we create and direct the world around us. The more we are aware of our influence on the organization, the better we can proactively manage the same organization.

Leadership is therefore both about "being aware" but also about "acting consciously".
And we are aware of the way in which we direct and shape the organization. We demonstrate leadership in the organization by actively guiding developments and changes.

Direction that is related to our understanding of the world around us and which relevant changes are taking place there. Translated into choices we can and must make for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.
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We guide professionals, managers, directors and administrators with regard to personal and self-confident leadership. And about their joint leadership task and development issues.

From the Deep Learning Academy we develop open and in-company leadership development processes for specific groups such as team leaders or managers. For this we work together with renowned colleagues in specific fields. And possibly deploy high-quality measurement and coaching instruments. In our Deep Learning Academy we apply Action Learning principles to strengthen professional leadership and management within an organization. This means that we use the current and current working practice of those involved to learn and apply relevant insights about management and organizations.
The ability to work together is an essential quality of people. Collaboration is the foundation of our survival strategy. Working together, managing together, and performing together to achieve more together than each individual. Using this quality fully again is the challenge for any contemporary organization.

Collaboration becomes visible in attitude, behaviour and culture. And, good or bad, is anchored in processes and procedures. The better we work together, the better we can deal with a changing environment and customer demand.
This demands a lot from the professionals and the responsible management teams or boards. Lots of leadership and collaboration at all levels. As a team, we cannot learn fast enough.

Organizations are formed every day again. Based on the formal structure and agreements, and by the values, norms and behaviour that we show together. The world is changing. Organizations change along with them, or even provide the impetus for change. Transformation is the simultaneous innovation of the organizational structure and organizational culture.
Transformation is necessary to stay relevant in an ever-changing world. The solutions from the past only partially work in the future. Control and process design, information management and ICT, team structure and professional competences. These things determine an organization's ability to deliver. Our self-image and perspective on the world around us, our attitude and behaviour based on our drives, values and norms determine whether we make optimal use of this capacity.
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We transform organizations with the team as the most important building block. And leadership as the most important instrument. Together with management teams, boards and boards, we can realize the cooperation within and between teams that is necessary to be successful now and in the future, based on the right organizational principles.
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De Baaij, Verbeeten & Partners BV Jonkershof 16 6561 AL Groesbeek Nederland

We are experienced professionals who are active in all kind of aspects of business management and consulting. People with a proven track record as senior consultant and manager and in various environments.
We design and implement interventions, projects and programs in complex and dynamic environment. Focused on change, development and transformation.
We design and implement training and professional development programs in international environments. We have
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Marie-José Verbeeten
+31642 704 910
Marie-José has more than 25 years of experience in business management and public services. It is her strength to stimulate the development of people and organisations. Marie-José is a mediator in all aspects, able to have people connect and relate necessary for the future of all involved. Marie-José has background in law, and worked in management, as board member in professional services, and in public governance. Marie-José is mediator, expert in HR policy development. And she has extended experience with the implementation and development of works councils. She also acts as representative of the board and negotiator with works councils.
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René de Baaij
+31641 924 275
René has more than 25 years of experience in international business and degrees in business administration and organisational psychology and sociology. He applies his extended knowledge and experience in the field of business development and executive leadership in international environments to support executives to improve their business performance.


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