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Getting the organization up and running!

The most important task of management is to set up the organization in such a way and to allow people to work together in such a way that they are able to achieve the main goals for which the organization was founded and set up.

The management profession!

Management is a profession in itself. Organizing and managing all processes in your organization is a complex matter. Much can be learned from the different management theories. But most of the knowledge is gained by doing it. Experience certainly beats theory when it comes to management.

Managers come in many shapes and sizes. From Senior management to team leaders. From directors to self-management. Whatever the perspective, every collaboration has division of labor, coordination and direction. And therefore a management function.

Management Development

To manage successfully you need to understand how the organization functions; at all levels, formal and informal. This is necessary to actively fulfill your own management role in order to achieve your objectives. Whatever that role is, and whatever those goals may be.

We apply Action Learning principles to develop professional management within an organization. This means that we use the current and actual work practice of the managers involved to learn en apply relevant insight about management and organizations,

Management Teams

Not only individual managers, but certainly also management teams have development issues. Every management team, executive team or board has problems with the functioning of the organization and vice versa. Every organization struggles with the performance of the management team.

The cause can be found in unclear goals, roles and control principles. Because together we do not know very well how the organization functions and are sometimes more concerned with our positions than with our assignment, things are progressing less and less smoothly. An organization responds immediately to this by developing alternative behavior. This develops into a fatal learning process. We will learn, but especially how not to do it.

In many contexts we have turned this around. So that professional teams and management could work together positively and productively again.





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