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better leadership, better business

top level coaching, teaming, transformation
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All Senior Network

We are experienced professionals who are active in all kind of aspects of business management and consulting. People with a proven track record as senior consultant and manager and in various environments.

We design and implement interventions, projects and programs in complex and dynamic environment. Focussed on change, development and transformation.

We design and implement training and professional development programs in international environments. We have extended experience with action learning based professional development.

Marie-José Verbeeten

Marie-Jose Verbeeten

Marie-José has more than 25 years of experience in business management and public services. It is her strength to stimulate the development of people and organisations. Marie-José is a mediator in all aspects, able to have people connect and relate necessary for the future of all involved. Marie-José has background in law, and worked in management, as board member in professional services, and in public governance. Marie-José is mediator, expert in HR policy development. And she has extended experience with the implementation and development of works councils. She also acts as representative of the board and negotiator with works councils.

René de Baaij

Rene de Baaij

René has more than 25 years of experience in international business and degrees in business administration and organisational psychology and sociology. He applies his extended knowledge and experience in the field of business development and executive leadership in international environments to support executives to improve their business performance.

Blog René de Baaij

Teaming als organisatiestrategie
28 november: Inspiratiemiddag Teaming als organisatiestrategieEvent door Leerplatform Groeien in SamensturingDe vierde en laatste ...
Onverwachte resultaten
De huidige professionele context verlangt dat mensen zelfbewust, communicatief, proactief en probleemoplossend zijn. We verwachten ...
unexpected outcomes
The current professional context expects that people are self-aware, communicative, pro-active and problem-solving. We want to see ...
Why we need Action Learning in Export Development
We are finding today another week at the Nigerian Export Promotion Council in Abuja, Nigeria. We worked together with the NEPC Officials and ...
Over tegengif, woede en droefheid.
Om de woede en droefheid, die zich onvermijdelijk ontwikkelt in organisaties, te verwerken is een dialoog nodig die zich richt op de kracht ...
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De Baaij, Verbeeten & Partners BV
Jonkershof 16, 6561 AL Groesbeek, The Netherlands

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