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Praktische ideeën
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BC4U Teaming is developer of the BC4U Teaming Compass. An on-line tool that supports team development. Together with BC4U Teaming, we are working on broadening and deepening the application of the BC4U Teaming Compass in organisation, culture and leadership development processes.
How effective is your organization?

We humans are naturally incredibly good at working together. And yet in organizations things rarely go the way we want them to. We get caught up in patterns that are ineffective. And it is hardly possible to change that. How is that possible?

Perhaps you are now expecting some brilliant advice. Which can. We are professionals in complex organizational change. Here's our advice: make room for teaming.

Teaming is: stepping out of the hectic together to intensify cooperation through reflection and dialogue. The secret? Ask yourself and each other serious questions. Based on a joint task that is worthwhile. Have an open-minded conversation about what is there. Discover what you can do together (differently). Then you move the beacons together. With pleasure and with results.

Do you regularly give yourself, your employees and your colleagues a series of good questions? We have them ready for you online. They give you and your people a good conversation. With a guaranteed positive impact.

BC4U Teaming Compass

Every month a fresh look at the cooperation in your team! The BC4U Teaming Compass® takes care of that. Teaming has never been easier. A complete set of reflection tools is available for every type of team. Each tool makes everyone think hard and stimulates an open dialogue about the collaboration.

What is important can be safely discussed. Such as the assignment, the behaviour, the division of labor and the performance capacity. The BC4U Teaming Compass® is tailor-made for team development, leadership development and as a lever for organizational change.
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Full Potential High Performance

We develop management, teams and organizations in which room is given to the full potential of leadership, management and professionals.

Vision on the environment, on who you are, who you want to become and where you want to go.
Taking responsibility for your assignment, your future and implementation
Decisiveness to make the right decisions based on a clear judgment
Business, with your feet on the ground, making sure it's right.
People who have to do it by unlocking their potential to the maximum.
Analysis based on observations and facts.
Innovation as a guiding response to external developments.
onderlinge verbinding
Connect with people inside and outside your organization.
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