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The Odincompany is the developer of the Odin Development Compass and the Odin Culture and Leadership Compass. We use these Compasses in our organizational development processes. Together with the Odincompany, we are working on broadening and deepening the Odincompany Compasses in organisation, culture and leadership development.


The Odincompany Culture and Leadership Compass

Provides insights for the development of potential organization and employees.

Culture and leadership are the most important factors for the successful development of an organization. Logical, because realizing strategic ambitions is closely related to the ability to change and innovate. A good understanding of the culture and leadership will help you determine what to do to strengthen your innovative capacity and achieve your goals. The unique Culture & Leadership Compass method shows how you can develop your organization by using your potential.

A clear and thorough analysis of culture and leadership gives you insight into the strength and possibilities of your employees, the potential of the organizational culture and the role of leadership. And also the flip side of that. The Culture & Leadership Compass focuses on the nature and thinking and behavior of culture and leadership. Separately and in mutual relationship. This way you can make informed decisions about the strategic development of your organization and determine interventions for the short term.

Insight into patterns and potential

We do this with one powerful measurement. Culture & Leadership Compass differs from many other measures that are based on core values, but say nothing about the behavior and potential of employees. The method is based on Jung's archetypal motives. We trace the nature and thinking and behavior of the culture and leadership with the aim of empowering employees and further developing the existing potential of the organization. In other words: to make full use of unused talents. This combination of construction and potential analysis is unique. It is also distinctive that at the same time we expose the patterns of thought and action that are not immediately visible. These unconscious processes often require a lot of energy and have an inhibiting effect on the organization. This is usually the underlying cause for burnouts, failure and departure of talent.

The method works for any organization, regardless of size and industry. The measurement is suitable for the entire organization and also produces team profiles, at all levels. It only takes the participants ten minutes. We enrich the results with in-depth interviews and provide feedback in an interactive manner. The certified consultants who guide the process are seasoned seniors.

In short, the Culture and Leadership Compass is an excellent basis for the development program and intervention strategy of any organization.

Would you like to know more about how you can better utilize the potential of employees through insight into culture and leadership? Let's sit down to discuss this and experience how it can work for your organization.

Odin Development Compass

Insight in your true self

The ODC (Odin Development Compass) is a tool that taps into the unconscious to reveal your true self.

After 10 minutes you'll discover your natural strengths, unconscious drives and valuable potential that may currently be hidden.

It begins with a simple online questionnaire. Unlike traditional questionnaires, which are limited by conscious self-reporting and language interpretation, the ODC combines images and words to identify the unconscious elements of your personality, behavior and potential.

It's very easy to complete. For example, rather than a long list of questions, you'll see an image of eight archetypal figures. Some will naturally appeal to you, others won't. Then, from a selection of 24 skills, you choose 10 which suit you best. Life is more satisfying when you're working with natural strengths, and you probably have more than you realize.

On average, we use just 65% of our talent. The remaining 35% is a wasted opportunity. Imagine being able to use every ounce of your natural abilities.

The ODC (Odin Development Compass) gives you a clear, complete picture of natural strengths and skillsets, helping you uncover a rich seam of untapped potential.
In team situations, this online tool is invaluable. You can bring the right individuals together, creating a team of people who collaborate effortlessly and work to their maximum strengths. At the same time, you will gain valuable insights to avoid potential pitfalls.

At individual level, the ODC measurement is equally effective. It can be used for leadership development, executive coaching and individual coaching at every level of an organization. Find out more about ODC for individuals and ODC for organizations.

The ODC measurement is a quick, accurate way to reveal the best in yourself, and in your people.

The ODC measurement gives coaching and consultancy firms much-needed, quick insight into the key strengths of teams and individuals.
It helps them give better-informed advice.

The ODC measurement tool can be used in every layer of an organization, from management to individual leaders and team members.
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Full Potential High Performance

We develop management, teams and organizations in which room is given to the full potential of leadership, management and professionals.

Vision on the environment, on who you are, who you want to become and where you want to go.
Taking responsibility for your assignment, your future and implementation
Decisiveness to make the right decisions based on a clear judgment
Business, with your feet on the ground, making sure it's right.
People who have to do it by unlocking their potential to the maximum.
Analysis based on observations and facts.
Innovation as a guiding response to external developments.
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