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Full Potential High Performance

What is your blind spot?

Do we know why our organization is so difficult to adapt to the changing demands of the times? Do we know why it is so difficult to transform for the future? How do we actually deal with this?

Do we realize why management is not showing the leadership needed to achieve strategic transformation? Do we realize how great the influence is on the organization of a well or poorly functioning management team? What are we doing about this?

Do we actually understand why a team only partially delivers the performance we expect? And how this drives the leadership or management to despair. And vice versa. So what can we do with this insight?

Do we actually know why people only use a limited part of their competencies and talents in their work? Do we know why people leave or end up with a “burn out” when apparently nothing is wrong? What options do we have in house to do something about this?

We may actually know, but we'd rather not look at it. Because these symptoms arise from difficult, complex and tough issues to which we do not have an immediate answer. Nevertheless, looking closely together and understanding how things work together form the basis for improvement, change and innovation.

Go to the place of trouble!

These tricky, complex and tough issues are so difficult, complex and tough because they are about ourselves. If we want to tackle these issues, we cannot avoid a hefty dose of self-reflection. Only by examining our own personal motivations, in combination with our collective thinking and behavior patterns, we discover what is going on. Let's see where we'd rather not look. Where we have arranged things together in such a way that we benefit less and less, and we lose more and more energy. Our blind spot.

Ask yourself slow questions?

If we do get started with the tough, complex and tough issues, we meet at the place of difficulty. Because it takes effort to arrive at a good conversation. A conversation in which we examine the essence and relevance of our organization. Formulating questions that help us think about the past, present and future. And that help us get started together. Slow questions. Questions to be asked, but where the answer lies in the future.


Full Potential High Performance


Full potential High Performance


Full potential High Performance

Will your leadership and culture help you further?

Leadership and culture have been cited as the most important factors for a successful organization for more than 10 years. At the same time, leadership and culture are one of the most elusive themes within organizations. A topic we do talk about. But so little can do with it. Imagine that we can provide insight into leadership and culture. That we are able to think about our strength and potential. And where we fight against ourselves. If we can see that, then we can also talk about the ability as an organization to fully use its potential.

Are you using the full potential?

Between 40% and 60% of people's potential is actually used. In other words, all those people in your organization are running at half power. They have many more talents and competencies than they currently use in their work. At all levels. In all types of work. Can you imagine what it means if we can unleash that potential. When people develop and can use all their talents and competencies. What would do with the employability of people, turnover, recruitment power on the labor market.

Does cooperation bring us sufficient added value?

Why do we work together as professionals, in teams, as an organisation. Because we need each other. Because you can't do it alone. Yet we know that most collaboration between and within teams leaves something to be desired. Not because we don't want to or can't work together. But because we have arranged a number of things in such a way that a team does not get the best out of itself. How wonderful it would be if we could fully utilize our natural ability to work together. What would that bring to an organization? When the added value of cooperation is really used.

What about our learning and change capacity?

Social, political and technological developments require that we as an organization constantly reinvent ourselves. While we have achieved predictability and stability on the one hand, we must at the same time transform our organization into something new and unknown. Long-term viability is related to the ability to transform on its own. Change or be changed. Learning and the capacity to change are related to the extent to which we know how to use people's potential and the extent to which people really work together. Management, culture and leadership are decisive in this. Look at your blind spot.

We are an "All Senior" network of experienced consultants.

We are experienced consultants and project leaders in the field of leadership, culture and organizational development. Consultants with demonstrable knowledge and experience. We design and implement interventions, projects and programs in complex and dynamic environments. Focused on change, development and transformation.

Our task

Let management and organizations work on their future in a development-oriented manner. In which personal and professional leadership, collaboration and learning are central.

Our contribution

Using the potential of people and organizations to build better organizations where people are empowered and seen. Organizations that are viable for the future.

Our expertise

We are able to connect with people. We take people on a journey in which they get to know themselves better and are increasingly able to shape their future.

Our result

Constructive leadership and a constructive culture as building blocks for a viable organization for a future-oriented.

René de Baaij

0641 924 275

René has over 30 years of experience in the design and realization of business transformation programs and sustainable development of leadership, management, culture and organization. Central to this is his passion, knowledge and expertise regarding personal and professional self-management at individual and team level. As a coach, advisor and program manager, he supports people and organizations to realize their ambitions. He takes his business administration, change management and organizational background with him. He is active in the Netherlands and abroad in various sectors such as metal, agrifood, logistics, national and municipal governments, professional services and IT. As a program manager and consultation teacher (Sioo), he is involved in in-company and open training courses in the field of executive leadership and change. René is like no other capable of translating theoretical insights and methodical views into practical interventions and development
Marie-José Verbeeten

+31 642 704 910

My strength lies in stimulating the development of people and their organizations.

For this I bring more than 25 years of experience in business and public administration.

I am a bridge builder pur sang who is able to realize the connection and togetherness that is necessary for the future of all those involved.

We deliver the best together to take you further.

The best knowledge, experience, methods and techniques.
Brought together to deliver customization.


Synergy is the key to our services

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The Odincompany is the developer of the Odin Development Compass and the Odin Culture and Leadership Compass. We use these Compasses in our organizational development processes. Together with the Odincompany, we are working on broadening and deepening the Odincompany Compasses in organisation, culture and leadership development.

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BC4U Teaming is developer of the BC4U Teaming Compass. An on-line tool that supports team development. Together with BC4U Teaming, we are working on broadening and deepening the application of the BC4U Teaming Compass in organisation, culture and leadership development processes.
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A turnaround is a complex matter. As experts in Project Control, we help asset owners to create and maintain an overview. To achieve quick results with the whole team. And to do it even better next time.

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Our partner in the field of HRM assessments and talent

Hrmforce talent management software helps you with every part of the HR process. Develop your employees, let your organization grow and achieve the maximum return. Hrmforce, from talent to results.

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Our partner in metal and electrical engineering

MEPD helps people and organizations in their search for work, development and personal growth.

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Full Potential High Performance

We develop management, teams and organizations in which room is given to the full potential of leadership, management and professionals.

Vision on the environment, on who you are, who you want to become and where you want to go.
Taking responsibility for your assignment, your future and implementation
Decisiveness to make the right decisions based on a clear judgment
Business, with your feet on the ground, making sure it's right.
People who have to do it by unlocking their potential to the maximum.
Analysis based on observations and facts.
Innovation as a guiding response to external developments.
onderlinge verbinding
Connect with people inside and outside your organization.
De Baaij, Verbeeten & Partners BV
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The Netherlands

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